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It's strange, but true - not every desk is designed with a computer in mind. I know itís hard to believe in this day and age, but whatever. And what about those of you using a countertop or table as a computer desk? Sure the computer will fit Ė the monitor goes behind the keyboard, the CPU goes ... well, the CPU goes wherever the wires allow. You can just pull up a folding chair and start clicking away. But that doesnít sound very appealing, does it? No ergonomics there.

The Allsop Metal Art Monitor Stand helps your computer and/or large monitor/flatscreen TV fit into your life. Both in function and in form. Forged from steel, it provides a wide sturdy shelf for your monitor, flatscreen TV, or printer. And thereís space beneath for your keyboard or other desk essentials, as well as a hanging shelf that's really handy for DVD players, and the like.

The simple curved design and semi-gloss pewter finish arenít meant to match your computer. They help create a balance between the comfortable feel of your home or office and the technical convenience of your computer. In a nutshell, the Metal Art Monitor/TV Stand gives your monitor a lift and looks good doing it.

Stand will hold up to 70lbs

Brings a clean and modern look to any desktop
Better looking office frniture for your home office - supports your monitor

Dimensions: 24" x 15" x 5". Surface dimensions: 23" x 12". Designed for most monitors up to 70 lbs.

I used this with my flatscreen TV and CD player for about a month. My flatscreen went up in smoke, and I decided to watch TV on my computer.Better looking office furniture for your home office - supports your monitor.

Retails around $75.00. Feel free to make reasonable offers.