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I've had this reel for a good ten years. The beautiful scroll work on the spool skirt and body caught my eye. It's in very good condition. I don't find any rust anywhere, and there are no dings in the finish. Quite serviceable. Just needs a lube job. I have no box or papers. Manufactured in Korea. The only one I've ever had my hands on. Features include:

    1. Stainless steel ball bearing
    2. Stainless steel line roller and bail
    3. Front drag with push-button pop-off spool
    4. Selective anti-reverse
    5. Line capacity 6-360, 8-275, 10-200, 12-165 mono
    6. Aluminum engraved spool
    7. Reversible handle

I just realized while checking the reel that the anti-reverse doesn't work. On reels of this era that's usually a lubrication problem.