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This Matzuo Kamikazi MSB38-CHB (Chrome/Blue) spinnerbait uses today's latest technologies to deliver the finest quality baits, hooks, rigs, and plastics. Precise weights, highly reflective blades and detailed color patterns provide the action, vibration and appearance needed to tackle today's gamefish.

Designed to be both seen and heard, Matzuo's Kamikazi is a spinnerbait that offers a large holographic eye on both head and blade to make it look like a school of minnows moving through the water. To add flash to the vibration, the polished nickel attractor blade is given Matzuo's hallmark holographic treatment, while its stainless steel ball-bearing swivel provides for flawless rotation. The Kamikazi is available in three sizes, and is finished off with a first-quality silicone skirt to add even more realism to the action.

Try the Matzuo Kamikazi baits now, and catch the difference.