Surfers are the most frequent victims of shark attacks because they are not in a position to confront their attackers. There are specific attitudes that you should adopt to get out of a shark attack. Here are some of them developed in this article.

Maintain eye contact

First and foremost, it is important to remember that the shark will not attack you if you do not give it the opportunity. The first way to avoid letting the shark attack you is to maintain eye contact with it. Never turn your back on the animal. If at any time you have to walk away, do so backwards. This allows you to keep the shark in your sights at all times. These animals are known to attack when they think their victim has not spotted them. So no matter what happens, always keep staring the shark straight in the eyes.

Stay calm

This may be harder to say than it is to do, but it is definitely the best thing you can do. The shark is by nature shy and fearful. So, as soon as it knows it is spotted, it will hesitate to attack you, especially as it does not know what you are planning against it. However, he will become more confident as soon as you show him that you are panicked by his presence. So don’t panic, stay as calm as possible. However, you can take the initiative and walk towards the shark to show your confidence.

Sneak up on the shark

Another trick to get out of an encounter with a shark is to crawl over the shark. This is probably the safest place to be. To do this, as the shark approaches you, hold out your hand and point it very firmly. As soon as you are close to the animal, put your hand over its head and then slide over it. If there are no other sharks around, then you can be sure you are out of trouble.