Practiced in freshwater or at sea, fishing is a hobby that has many health benefits. Contrary to what one might think, this outdoor activity requires significant physical effort. Fishing is also a hobby that promotes social relationships. Here are the advantages of fishing.

Advantages of Fishing

Fishing is used as physical activity, the intensity of which varies depending on the fishing practiced. Whether you fish peacefully at the edge of a pond or in a sportier way in a river or in the open sea, the effort is obviously not the same. However, the practice of this discipline often requires walking, sometimes over long distances, to find the best location. The arms are also used when casting the hook, as well as the back when retrieving the catch. To fish, you also need to be patient before the fish bite the hook. This expectation is used to share a moment of conviviality with those close to them. It is also an opportunity to introduce the youngest to fishing techniques. The fisherman transmits his knowledge and skills. In fact, he builds relationships and strengthens his social ties. By spending hours outdoors, the fisherman exposed to daylight, which is full of vitamin D. Synthesized under the effect of the sun, it helps strengthen the immune system. Moreover, living in the open air offers the advantage of combating stress and anxiety. What could be more relaxing than spending hours by a lake? Finally, nothing like a fishing trip to lower your blood pressure.

Disadvantage of Fishing

The weather is a factor of accidents (more or less serious) that we must watch out for during our outings. If we naturally think of the sun, it is imperative to protect his eyes, his skin, but also his head to avoid sunstroke and sunburn. The reverberation being an aggravating factor and I think none of us can boast of never having come back red like a crayfish from its beautiful summer outing. In the long term, the risks for the skin are significant and it can question your next outings, especially during an exo trip! It is also very important to be careful of lightning in the event of a thunderstorm. You are aware that our rods, often long, are for the most part made of carbon and that this one is a conductor of electricity. Alone at the edge of (or on) the water with your rod, you are an excellent lightning rod. As for the wind, it can sometimes rise suddenly, and make navigation and the return to dry land complicated and perilous. Whether you go out by boat or not, it is always best to check the weather conditions before going out and not to take unnecessary risks.