Dogs are not exclusively attentive or gentle companion animals. They are also capable of coming to the rescue of individuals in peril, whether in a forest or in the sea. With their sense of smell, they are rescue professionals, as they have a good sense of smell that is quicker than that of humans. Immerse yourself in the attractive world of dogs who dare to make their destiny to protect yours.

Saving human lives

The main task of rescue dogs is to save the lives of humans who find themselves in an ambush. Indeed, the rescue dog, after having undergone training, has a well-defined mission that it is called to accomplish. They search for a missing body in forest areas. It is enough to smell the victim to go to his rescue. Whatever the type of danger, he succeeds in his mission without fail because he has been trained in this field. The rescue dog is often with its master.

Searching for lifeless bodies

One of the most particular challenges of the rescue dog is the detection of human odours under debris. It detects the body up to one metre deep after locating the place where the body lies. Although the search for corpses is not his own mission, he does not fail to find dead bodies thanks to his good sense of smell. This task is increasingly performed by rescue dogs and is indeed a role they take on in their own right.

Rescuing people from drowning

Rescue dogs work with rescue workers and intervene during floods to save victims. They help the rescuers to bring back the bodies when they are in difficulty. In the water, the rescue dog brings back isolated people who are difficult to reach by the rescue team on the shore. In fact, it searches for bodies that have disappeared into the sea without drowning, and in this way it is highly regarded as a true rescue animal. Always in the company of his master, he intervenes in pairs for a successful mission.