For a successful hunt, it is important to choose the right trap. Professional hunters use them for every type of animal. If you are wondering which traps are most commonly used for hunting, this article is for you. It sheds light on some of the most commonly used traps for hunting.

Traps for capturing

Traps for capturing animals are generally harmless. That is, they are set to catch an animal without harming it. The cage just holds the animal in a closed area. It is very often used in hunting parties as a cage for wild animals, dungeons, pigeonholes, cage traps, etc. This type of cage does not necessarily require approval. However, you will need a permit from the local council to install it. This will allow you to hunt in complete peace of mind without being worried.

Killing traps

As the name suggests, these traps are designed to kill animals. This type of trap is subject to stricter regulations. So you must have traps with your approval number on each one. They must also be declared to the town hall and be approved. Also, it is strictly forbidden to use this type of trap in a place open to the general public or in coulees. There must be no dwellings within 200m of your trap and no roads open to the public within 50m. This type of trap is designed for the most experienced professionals as they know how to handle it.

Lace traps

This type of trap has been used since the dawn of time. Their primary objective is not to kill the animal but to hold it captive by means of a part of its body. This is done by means of the lace. But make sure that this lace has a swivel to allow the hostage to move. And this without tying the wire tightly. This type of trap must be approved by the local council and must be set two hours after daybreak.